Playing with the Pleater…..

Rarrrrr!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent about 3 hours this afternoon messing around with the “Janome Ultimate Ruffler”, it’s a pleating attachment for my sewing machine. Well it’s supposed to be anyway. To start with it just wanted to suck the fabric down into the machine, getting into a huge knot and jamming up. Once I managed to sort this problem out, I tried out loads of samples with the attachment on different settings; pleating every stitch, every 6 stitches and every 12. I found the best setting was to have it set on 6 with my stitch length at 2.8. The problem is though, every once in a while it will miss a pleat and then you’ve got a big gap; I don’t think it’s reliable enough to use for my final garments. Plus, if the fabric is more than a couple of inches wide then you loose all definition of the pleats too. I’ve ordered a couple of meters of silk georgette and a manmade georgette to send off to the pleaters: hopefully this will have better results.

We stopped on the way home from uni to take my photo in a new location Dave had found; it’s this tiny little road that has literally been cut out of the rock. I think we could get some really cool shots if I was in the right outfit, it’s really bizarre all the roots from the trees above are trailing down the walls like in a fairy story:

Maxi Skirt: River Island

Fluffy Waistcoat: Topshop

Boots: Topshop


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