Seven Years….

Yesterday was our seven year anniversary, isn’t that mad??!! I wrote this post before we went out, thinking that I’d get Dave to take my photo when we got home. We had a really lovely evening but I’ve been feeling poorly an awful lot the past few weeks and all I wanted to do was put my pjs on. So there’s no photo of my outfit I’m afraid. Anyway, this is the post I wrote yesterday afternoon:

We’ve been together since we were fifteen, not meaning to gush and sound soppy but it’s been a great seven years and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come. We’re off to Loch Fyne for a celebratory meal in a bit. I’ve been so busy the past two days with stuff for uni, I attended the Mudpie Trend Seminar at London College of Fashion yesterday afternoon for SS12. It was a fantastic experience and I got some great primary research; I will write a proper post on this over the weekend when I have a bit more time. I’ve just been working on my sketchbook today, I’ve got loads of ideas that I want to get put down into designs this weekend too. EEEEeeeeekk soooo much to do!!!!!! I


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