Tomorrow is Haircut Day….

I wrote this yesterday but didn’t get around to adding the photos to post it. This does of course mean that today is haircut day, yay 🙂

Woohooo!!!!! Finally the day of my haircut is only one sleep away. I only trust my hairdresser Hope and she went to America for a few weeks around New Year and this was the soonest she could see me. Not really sure what I’m going to have done, hopefully she’ll have some ideas but I still want something that I can do in lots of different styles so don’t want to lose too much. On the other hand I am incredibly bored with it at the moment and want something really different. I was tempted to go back to a pixie style but it’s taken me so long to grow it and I know I would just be bored again in a month or two and have to start growing it again.

Mondays are my Start-Up Planning and Promotion day at Uni, I really enjoy it. We have to write a business plan as part of the module, it’s really interesting. I’ve been researching studio premises this afternoon, aswell as looking into funding opportunities; it’s surprising just how much help there is out there if you really look. I want to try to get my business plan finished this week but research always takes so much longer than I anticipate, I thought I would get most of it finished today but  there’s still a lot more to research such as marketing and packaging etc.

I went for a bit of colour blocking today, it’s  been so grey and horrid I wanted brighten things up. Bracken wanted to be in the photos today, his tail seemed to be in all of them so thought I might as well choose ones where you could see all of him!

Dress: Tesco

Tights: River Island

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I’m having my hair done after work and then meeting my friend Lucy for tea. Can’t wait to see her, she’s went travelling around Mexico and Costa Rica. She’s been back for about a month now but we’ve both been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to meet up till now.


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