A Little Bit of Self Indulgance….

Normally I would only post one or two photos of myself, I don’t think any of you want to see millions of pictures of my prancing around! But we stopped for an impromtu shoot by the lake on the way home and the results were pretty epic. Whenever Dave takes my photo there is normally only a couple where I’m not pulling a stupid face but today I could have chosen about 20, so on this one occasion I’m going to indulge myself a bit and post a few:

I know you can’t see a great deal of my actual outfit, but it was so cold I wasn’t brave enough to take my coat off! The coat is from Topshop, I got it in the sale last January: major bargain reduced from £90 to £30. Underneath is a vintage dress that I got from Ebay, I bought this about 18 months ago but it was another item that had got lost in my wardrobe! My little organisation session has caused some awesome re-discoveries.

So anyway, onto the important stuff. I seem to have been procrastinating since I got home, I often find it hard at the start of a brief; there’s so much to do but where do you start? So I’ve gone back to my old friend, the list! I always find it easier when I actually write down the things I need to do and all the random thoughts that are in my head: it makes it easier to focus on one thing because it means I’m not trying to remember all the other things that are going on in my head.


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