Research Baby!!!

I have been working my little socks off this evening! I haven’t got anything in my sketchbook to show for it but have loads of links to print off when I get into uni tomorrow. I’ve also booked myself a place on a trend forecasting event in London next week and my train ticket for Bubble London. I’ve started to write a questionnaire too; to take into some childrenswear boutiques over the next few days, I need to find out what they look for when choosing new products to sell in their stores and what they feel is missing from the childrenswear market etc.

I’ve almost finished writing my proposal, there are a couple of points that I’m struggling to complete; hopefully Tracey will be able to help me finish it off tomorrow.

No outfit post today. Dave didn’t have time to take my photo as he’s been so busy working on the car, so I put on scruffy clothes and went for a two hour walk with Bracken in the wood instead. A few homemade items coming up over the next few days though so keep checking 🙂

No interview dates from my UCAS application yet, I am worrying a little but trying to keep a cool head!


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