Defining FMP Proposal and Tea at Loch Fyne…nomnomnom…..

I had a good day at uni yesterday, I spent all morning doing more research and creating a moodboard and then had a really good chat with Tracey in the afternoon to discuss my proposal. After we visited the Natural History Museum on New Years Day, I felt really inspired by all the colours and shapes of insects, plants and the sea; I decided this would be a really good theme for my FMP. Long-term my plan is to set up my own childrenswear business and for this reason, I had planned that my entire collection for my FMP would be childrenswear. I discussed this with Tracey in the afternoon and she said her only issue was that she didn’t think that I would fully be able to push myself technically and show off my pattern cutting skills if I only did childrenswear. This had been a concern of mine as well, so we have decided that it will primarily be a childrens collection but with some womenswear as well, giving me a chance to challenge myself more technically. It also means that I will be able to create some darker, edgier designs that I may not have been able to do if I were not doing any womenswear. Plus I’ll be able to make one of them to fit me, yayyyyy!!!!!!! I bought an amazing sketchbook for my research too, I’ve been at work today but planning on spending the rest of my weekend on it; the sooner my research is done the sooner I can get designing.

This was the outfit I wore to uni, the dress and the shoes are really old. I rediscovered the dress when I reorganised my wardrobe last week!

Dress and Belt: River Island

Shoes: Office

Cardigan: H&M

I went out for tea last night, a fish supper at Loch Fyne yummy yummy yum. A quick change into my Kate Moss for Topshop playsuit and some vintage beads and off I went:

Playsuit: Kate Moss for Topshop

Necklace: Vintage

Brogues: Topshop


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