Christmas Day Number 3, Levitation and Car Chaos…

We finally got to have our third Christmas Day at my Mum and Manda’s, we had a  really lovely day with all the family. My sister Hannah spent the whole day in bed with the flu and missed all the fun though, poor thing. Me and Dave had a bit of fun in the afternoon creating some levitation shots, I thought it’s a fun shot to show you my outfit I wore:


I got the blouse from Topshop Oxford Circus when we went to London, I love the colour and the pleated collar. I’ve been wanting a nice chiffon-like floaty blouse for ages and bought with Christmas gift vouchers, this rust coloured beauty was just perfect. I went for a bit of an eighties feel wearing it untucked with leggings and socks but a change of era for the hair: 1940s victory rolls and pinned back curls.

Blouse: Topshop

Leggings: River Island

Boots: River Island

We set off for home early in the evening but only got a few miles down the road before we got a puncture!! The spare is a different size which meant it would have been illegal to fit so we rang the RAC. Numerous phonecalls and a two hour wait later, they rang to tell us our cover didn’t include recovery (even though it does!). To cut a very long story short, my mum had to pick us up and we had to stay the night there. Being a bank holiday no car garages or tyre places are open today so she ended up having to drive us 50miles back to our house and we’re going to have to pick the car up in a few days. What a nightmare!!!!!


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