Two more sleeps….

Firstly, I apologise once again for the lack of outfit posts recently but I’ve either been at work or wearing so many layers that I look like the Michelin man which is not a look I wish to share with the world. Lots of Christmas outfits to be worn though so I will be doing some.

Anyway it’s only two days until Christmas Day! So much to do, lots of baking and things. I love the hecticness of Christmas but do wish I had an extra day to get everything done as I have to work today and tomorrow. I finished uni a week ago now but have just been so busy and don’t have a free day until early January at the moment (about 50% of this time will be at work unfortunately but I can’t complain). A few of my homemade gifts have already been given to friends and they seemed to go down very well:

I have to say I’m very proud of these, there the first gingerbread houses I’ve made and they looked really good and was assured they taste good too. I baked another one last night, I wanted to make a bigger one to take to my dad’s house on Christmas Day, hoping to have time to put it together and decorate it before I have to leave for work. Dave says I don’t make things easier for myself but I really love doing it and he doesn’t complain once he’s getting to eat it!


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