Lots and lots of paperwork….

Pretty much all of my time recently has been spent writing reports, evaluations and doing Photoshop and Illustrator work. One thing I really noticed when looking at other portfolios in the College Forum at the Clothes Show was the amount of CAD work. I didn’t have any experience of Illustrator and very little of Photoshop so it has been a little more time consuming than it should have been. I’ve worked really hard though and am pleased with the results, now that I’m getting more skilled with these programs it will speed up my work in the future and a lot of  the time (with things such as working drawings) looks much more professional too. I wanted to show you the flat patterns for the dresses I produced for the Clothes Show as I think it makes you appreciate the technicality and the amount of work that went into them:


I’ve worked so so hard this semester, I really hope that my grades will reflect the amount of work I have put in.


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