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Christmas Day Number 2…

Currently feeling too poorly to write a proper post but this what I wore yesterday for our second Christmas Day. I spent most of my day lying on the sofa dozing.

Coat: River Island

Skirt: River Island

Cardigan: Topshop


Christmas Day Number 1….

This was what I wore for the first of our Christmas Day celebrations….

Dress: French Connection

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Corsage: Topshop

We had a lovely Christmas Day, we woke up at home and opened some presents together. Dave had bought me Blink 182 tickets which was a omplete surprise, it’s not until July 1st but I’m already excited about it. He also bought me a pair of Irregular Choice shoes and I have to say they are now my favouritist pair in the entire world! Then we went over to my Dad’s and had Christmas lunch with him, his partner, my sisters and their boyfriends. We had a really lovely time, I didn’t want to leave. But we did, we came home and I made a Christmas tea for the two of us and we snuggled up to watch Narnia in the evening. Today I had to work but Dave went and had ANOTHER Christmas dinner with his Grandparents! We were supposed to be on our way to my Mum and Manda’s now for Christmas Day Number 2 tomorrow but my Mummy is poorly sick (sending her love and cuddles) so we’re hoping to go to Lydia and Beck’s instead (originally planned as Christmas Day number 3 for Wednesday). It feels strange that I haven’t seen my Mum, it’s the first Christmas ever that we’ve spent apart but hopefully we will see them on Wednesday now instead.

Two more sleeps….

Firstly, I apologise once again for the lack of outfit posts recently but I’ve either been at work or wearing so many layers that I look like the MichelinĀ man which is not a look I wish to share with the world. Lots of Christmas outfits to be worn though so I will be doing some.

Anyway it’s only two days until Christmas Day! So much to do, lots of baking and things. I love the hecticness of Christmas but do wish I had an extra day to get everything done as I have to work today and tomorrow. I finished uni a week ago now but have just been so busy and don’t have a free day until early January at the moment (about 50% of this time will be at work unfortunately but I can’t complain). A few of my homemade gifts have already been given to friends and they seemed to go down very well:

I have to say I’m very proud of these, there the first gingerbread houses I’ve made and they looked really good and was assured they taste good too. I baked another one last night, I wanted to make a bigger one to take to my dad’s house on Christmas Day, hoping to have time to put it together and decorate it before I have to leave for work. Dave says I don’t make things easier for myself but I really love doing it and he doesn’t complain once he’s getting to eat it!

Snowed in day 2….

Well I still can’t drive anywhere, it was -19 last night. It’s crazy, I’m really not built for these temperatures!!! So I’ve spent the day indoors doing lots of cooking: spicy parsnip and sweet potato soup, started making marmalade (you have to leave it overnight) and lots of gingerbread that will be turned into gingerbread houses tomorrow. Present wrapping whilst watching Harry Potter now, I love love love Christmas šŸ™‚

Did venture outside very briefly for Dave to take my photo in the snow, it’s so pretty I just wish it wasn’t so cold!

Boyfriend Cardigan: Topshop

T-shirt: The Pogues at Manchester Apollo

Leggings and socks: River Island

Boots: Faith

Snowed in…

We went to see The Pogues in Manchester last night, almost didn’t get home due to the amount of snow on the motorway! A littleĀ bit scary but we got back eventually. I am however snowed in today šŸ˜¦Ā  I was supposed to be working 9-6 and there is a Christmas Market on in Shrewsbury that I was going to look around on my lunch break. Instead I’m making Christmassy things which is always fun. Promise an outfit post will be up later, but for now here’s what I’ve been doing on Photoshop this morning!


For my personal planning module I had to develop an e-portfolio, this is to send to prospective employers and universities if needed.

Eportfolio for blog

It needs some work and I’ll carry on developing it over Christmas but it’s a starting point at least. I need to find a way to get it to load faster too as it takes a couple of minutes at the moment. Would be great to hear what people think though?

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