Structural Silhuoettes Success!

I wrote this post yesterday. Here’s the finished cube dress.

I have to say I am incredibly proud of this, however I spoke far too soon when I said I hadn’t encountered any problems when constructing it 😦 When I went to sew the side seams together the front left side with all the cubes on was 4cm shorter than all the other side seams! I cried, to be honest I could have bodged it but I wanted the whole thing to be absolutely perfect and so I had to unpick the red panel and restitch it. I think that because there are so many different angles on this panel that the most minute error on seam allowances that normally wouldn’t make any difference, when all added up with all the strange angles completely throws out the whole dress. Unpicking and restitching this added about 8 hours onto the time it took me to construct the dress but I am so pleased with the end result, with the lining and zip in and the binding around the neck and armholes the finished dress looks wonderful 🙂 The only thing left is to hem the garment.

But there was no time to relax, as soon as the last stitch was sewn on the squared dress I started drafting the pattern for my second garment; the gathered hole dress. I decided the best way to construct this dress, would be to make it as panels otherwise opening up each hole would interfere with the others. It took me quite a while to do this but I’ve worked really hard and got the pattern finished Friday night and the toile finished today. The dress has a gathered neckline and I didn’t want to have a gathered neckline and bust darts and so I transferred the darts to the neckline by slashing the neck and closing the dart so that it opened to the point where I had split it. Then because I didn’t want all the extra gathers to be added in one position I split it down the centre front and closed the dart from 5cm to 2.5cm on each side which meant I had opened the centre front by 5cm. The back neck I split into 5 sections slashed and opened each by 2cm. It’s really hard to explain all of this but I will take photos of the flat pattern and the toile and then it may be easier to understand what I’m talking about!


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