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Caution: Vanity May Cause Bruising…..

We went for a walk in the snow on Sunday, the sunlight was beautiful and so Dave took his camera to take some photos. Because I didn’t want any photographic evidence of me in my puffa jacket and walking boots I put on my new coat, cossack hat and boots. Unfortunately my boots have zero grip and a couple of steps up a snowy slope and I want smack on my hip! Now most of my thigh on my left leg is purple, but the photos are nice so I have to remember the old saying; pain is beauty!!

Bracken was also looking very smart in his winter coat, I always think he looks a bit like a miniture horse when he has it on!!


All done!

After my annoyance yesterday, I managed to get my second dress finished for the photoshoot. I’m so proud of this one, I think this one is actually wearable and is more chic than the first one. What do you think? I don’t think you can fully appreciate the pattern cutting that went into this, I am going to get Dave to photograph both sets of paper patterns so you can see what both dresses look like flat. The dress on the right of this picture was made by Becky Laing.

Here’s the first dress with cardboard cubes inserted to hold the shape. I’m also extremely proud of this, both will look great in my portfolio to show off my pattern cutting skills.

From left to right. Dress 1: Made by Emily Taylor, Dress 2: Made by Me, Dress 3: Made (and modelled!) by Millie Jackson, Dress 4: Made by Lydia Burton.

A very big thank you to Laura who designed and co-ordinated the shoot. (Laura is modelling Lydia’s dress and my gathered circle dress)

Very annoyed with myself…..

I had planned to get my second dress finished this afternoon but when I started putting it together I realised I’ve forgotten to cut out two panels. I feel so cross with myself, I should have double checked when I overlocked all the pieces on Monday because now I can’t do anymore until tomorrow and if I had the pieces it would have only taken me an hour to get finished. On the upside the pieces I have put together look awesome, the red ribbon gathering up the black and white fabric looks really striking. I’ve had to be careful though, the weave of the fabric is so loose that it doesn’t even want to hold the overlock stitches; if I pulled the edge of the stitching it would just come off.

Russian Princess…

I can’t decide whether this outfit makes me feel more like a Russian princess or Cruella Deville!! It’s the faux fur scarf that does it either way. I got Dave to take a few shots as there are a lot of details I wanted to show of this outfit. My mum gave me the scarf on Saturday, she saw it in a charity shop and thought I would like to make it into something; I might do but I really like it as the scarf that it is. I’d also seen a pair of stripey Falke tights that I wanted, but they were far more than I could afford; imagine my delight when I saw a very similar pair in Tesco for £5!!!

Dress: Topshop

Tights: Tesco

Faux fur scarf: Thrifted

Coat: River Island

Structural Silhuoettes Success!

I wrote this post yesterday. Here’s the finished cube dress.

I have to say I am incredibly proud of this, however I spoke far too soon when I said I hadn’t encountered any problems when constructing it 😦 When I went to sew the side seams together the front left side with all the cubes on was 4cm shorter than all the other side seams! I cried, to be honest I could have bodged it but I wanted the whole thing to be absolutely perfect and so I had to unpick the red panel and restitch it. I think that because there are so many different angles on this panel that the most minute error on seam allowances that normally wouldn’t make any difference, when all added up with all the strange angles completely throws out the whole dress. Unpicking and restitching this added about 8 hours onto the time it took me to construct the dress but I am so pleased with the end result, with the lining and zip in and the binding around the neck and armholes the finished dress looks wonderful 🙂 The only thing left is to hem the garment.

But there was no time to relax, as soon as the last stitch was sewn on the squared dress I started drafting the pattern for my second garment; the gathered hole dress. I decided the best way to construct this dress, would be to make it as panels otherwise opening up each hole would interfere with the others. It took me quite a while to do this but I’ve worked really hard and got the pattern finished Friday night and the toile finished today. The dress has a gathered neckline and I didn’t want to have a gathered neckline and bust darts and so I transferred the darts to the neckline by slashing the neck and closing the dart so that it opened to the point where I had split it. Then because I didn’t want all the extra gathers to be added in one position I split it down the centre front and closed the dart from 5cm to 2.5cm on each side which meant I had opened the centre front by 5cm. The back neck I split into 5 sections slashed and opened each by 2cm. It’s really hard to explain all of this but I will take photos of the flat pattern and the toile and then it may be easier to understand what I’m talking about!

Children in Need…

It was Children in Need day on Friday and to raise money me, Millie, Laura and Emily went to uni dressed in our jimjams!! We raised quite a bit, I will be collecting all the pledges next week so that I can send it off to the charity. I love these pjs, I got them when we went to New York earlier this year :). We may have looked ridiculous but I was so snuggly, warm and comfy in them, I think we should have pj days more often!

Thursday seems so long ago….

Things are so hectic at the moment that Thursday seems a long time ago! On Thursday morning I had a coffee with Sam Lovell who runs the top-up year at Staffordshire Uni, I left her feeling so inspired and excited; the course seems absolutely perfect for me. It’s called “Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries”, it’s quite business orientated but that’s what I need if I want to set up my own business. Fingers crossed I can get in! Anyway this is what I wore, at long last I’ve got a picture of my lovely new coat:

Navy beret: Accessorize

Coat: River Island

Trousers: Miss Selfridge

White Socks: Accessorize

Shoes: Miss Selfridge