Troubleshooting Cube Construction…

The initial problem I encountered when constructing the toile was that it was very difficult to get right into the corners and also make sure that the stitching was to the same point in each corner (particularly with the smaller cubes). This meant that when I turned it the right side out, the cubes didn’t look as crisp and perfectly, evenly square as I had intended them to. On this photo  I still hadn’t clipped the corners and curves or pressed it, so it does look a bit better now but still not as perfect as I want:

I have a couple of ideas of how to combat this; either do a line of stitching around each square side of the cube, this will make it easier to see where the stitching needs to meet on the corners and also make more defined edges:

My other idea is to redesign the pattern pieces for the cubes to look like this:

This would mean only having to join the outside edges of the cube and would therefore hopefully not be quite so fiddley.

These are a couple of ideas as to how I could progress Jayne’s design further. I think it would look more exciting to have lots of different sized cubes clustered really closely together. I need to establish the best way of constructing the cubes before I try to create this. One thing’s for sure, it will be some rather unusual looking pattern pieces!!


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