Back on track and buzzing with excitement!!!

I had a meeting with Jayne and Tracey to express my concerns with this brief today and have come away feeling so much happier: I was really worried about putting designs in my portfolio that I hadn’t designed but after discussing it with Jayne, her designs are just a starting point. Upon sampling and toiling we are then allowed to push the original concepts as far as we dare! This made me so relieved, I didn’t want my garment to look as though it had just been copied from the Pattern Magic book but now I know that this design is just a starting point my head is full of ideas of how I could push it further. I’m going to do some illustrations and then will upload them tomorrow and explain my ideas.

After my meeting with Jayne and Tracey, I had a refreshed determination for this brief and sat down and made a list of all the things I need to get together and in order in the next few weeks:

  • New Moodboards
  • Target Customer Board: Prospective Students
  • Client Board: Clothes Show (Haymarket)
  • Design boards: My initial designs, Jayne’s designs, my final designs.
  • Samples, patterns and toiles.
  • Sort out my research file into sections to correspond with the new moodboards, write any necessary explanitory notes.

So, I have my work cut out for the next few weeks, especially as I go to London on Monday!!! But I feel confident that I can achieve it, I just need to keep myself organised.


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