Pattern cutting and making a toile….

This post covers a couple of days work, I wanted to make a toile just of a bodice to see what the structure would look like. I started off by making paper cubes in different sizes: 3cm, 6cm and 9cm:

I drew out the front as one piece, then stuck the cubes down where I wished them to be and drew style lines from the corners of the cubes out to the edges of the bodice. I then cut along the style lines and around the side of the cube to create my pattern pieces (this was rather fiddley!!!). Once all separated my pattern pieces look like this:

A little daunting!! I’ve added seam allowance to all pieces and cut out in calico. I just need to sew all the pieces together now, I think this is going to be rather tricky but should hopefully work.

I really enjoy pattern cutting, some people hate it but I find it really just works in my head. Not sure if that makes sense?! I like looking at a design and being able to work out what the pattern pieces should be.


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