University Open Days…

I couldn’t go to work yesterday as I’m still really poorly, I feel absolutely rubbish. I spent the afternoon sat in bed looking at universities that offer a top-up year in fashion. I’ve booked myself onto open days for the following:

Arts University College Bournemouth: 26th October

Hull School of Art and Design: 18th November

Manchester Metropolitan University: 13th October

New College Nottingham: 2nd November

Nottingham Trent University: 10th November

Bath Spa University: 9th December

Brighton University: 17th November

The open days at the universities below clash with when I’m back in London or at work, but I’ve sent them emails to see if it would be possible to arrange to visit them another time:

Huddersfield University

Kent University

Plymouth College of Art

York College

Bath Spa and Brighton are not top-up courses but apparantly it is not completely unheard of, for them to accept students onto the third year if they have a strong enough portfolio.

I’m hoping that the open days will give me a clearer idea of which ones would be best for me to apply to, at the moment Bournemouth would be my first choice but I’m really not sure. The main concern I have about moving away is how we would cope financially, things are pretty tight as it is without having the extra cost of rent.


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